Anti-Stress & Repellent Collar *

For Kittens and Cats

Ref 175305 - Gencod : 3283021753057

  • Anti-Stress & Repellent Collar *
  • Anti-Stress & Repellent Collar *

The + products

  • Catmint (catnip): anti-stress effect
  • Margosa and lavandin extracts: insect repellent effect
  • One collar = 4 months of calming and insect repellent efficacy

Made in France


The Francodex Anti-Stress and Repellent Collar is formulated with extracts of margosa and lavender for their repellent properties and catnip essential oil with anti-stress, calming properties. No PVC and phtalate-free, it protects your kitten or cat for 4 months from parasitic infestation while contributing to his well-being and reducing stress related ailments.


Margosa Extract (CAS N°84696-25-3) 20g/kg - Lavandula Hybrida Oil (CAS N°91722-69-9) 5g/kg - Nepeta cataria essential oil


1/ Unroll collar by pulling on the tab as shown in the diagram.
2/ Fasten the collar around the neck of the animal by threading the end of the strap through the loop.
3/ Do not over tighten the collar.
4/ Trim the excess if necessary. Works immediately.
Replace the collar after 4 months or sooner if you notice any parasites. Water resistant.