Anti-Stress Spray for the Environment

For Kittens and Cats

100-ml pump spray

Ref 170316 - Gencod : 3283021703168

  • Anti-Stress Spray for the Environment
  • Anti-Stress Spray for the Environment

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  • Combination of soothing plants: Valerian + catmint
  • Ideal for car journeys or a stressful event

Made in France


Formulated with plant extracts (catnip, valerian) with soothing properties, the Francodex Environment Anti-Stress Spray helps you create a safe environment for your cat and avoids undesirable behaviour due to stress (meowing, uncleanliness, destructive behaviour…).


Catnip floral water (Nepeta cataria), alcohol, valerian root extract (Valeriana wallichii), colouring, fruity and floral fragrance.


Do not use on the animal. Spray the cat’s environment (basket, cat tree) and spray a few times in the living area. When traveling, you may also the spray Environment Anti-Stress Spray inside the vehicle and/or travel cage, without more than 2 or 3 sprays.