Chewable Toothpaste

For Dogs

20 tablets box

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  • Chewable Toothpaste

The + products

  • Pomegranate extract: tartar control
  • Parsley seed oil and peppermint oil: for fresh breath
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The gradual formation of dental plaque causes tartar formation on teeth, bad breath as well as sometimes painful gingivitis. Francodex Chewable Toothpaste contains an abrasive agent (calcium carbonate) and a pomegranate extract to help control dental plaque formation, as well as oils of parsley seeds and peppermint to effectively combat bad breath in your dog. It is essential to ensure regular dental health care for your dog’s teeth from a very young age in order to prevent tarter from forming and reduce dental problems.


Calcium carbonate, brewer’s yeast.
Additives (/kg): aromatic substances: pomegranate extract - peppermint oil - parsley seeds oil - natural flavour.
Analytical constituents: crude proteins 13,4%, crude ash 65,1%, crude fat 2,8%, crude fibre 0,3%, calcium 25,5%, phosphorus 0,39%, sodium 0,07%.


These palatable tablets can be administered directly into the mouth of the pet.

Feeding Recommendations:
- Dogs < 5 kg: ½ tablet daily;
- Dogs 5 - 20 kg: 1 tablet daily;
- Dogs > 20 kg: 2 tablets daily.

To be taken preferably between meals. To facilitate chewing, the tablet can be cut into two. Chewable toothpaste should be taken daily for the first 15 days, then it can be taken every other day.

Precautions of use

do not give to puppies less than 2 months. Always leave clean, fresh water available for your pet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from light. Close the
container after use. Product not suitable for human consumption.