Digestive comfort 150 ml

150 ml bottle

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  • Digestive comfort 150 ml
  • Digestive comfort 150 ml
  • Digestive comfort 150 ml

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  • 100% natural
  • Favours digestive balance

Made in France


We have selected organically farmed plants which support digestion and promote the growth of good ora to meet the specific needs of dogs with digestive problems, particularly during dietary transition periods.
The BIODENE DIGESTIVE COMFORT formula is supplied in liquid form which is easy to use in all circumstances. It eases digestion and limits digestive spasms in the event of gastrointestinal discomfort, changes in appetite or for dogs with sensitive intestines.
Chicory, a natural source of inulin, stimulates the growth of bacteria which aid digestion. Brewer's yeast, which notably contains B vitamins, promotes cell regeneration. Peppermint, lemon balm and turmeric limit bloating sensations. Milk thistle eases digestive problems associated with the liver.


Water, artichoke* (Cynara scolymus), brewer's yeast*, peppermint* (Mentha x piperita), liquorice* (Glycyrrhiza glabra), lemon balm* (Melissa officinalis), milk thistle* (Silybum marianum), chicory* (Cichorium intybus), marshmallow* (Althea officinalis), Ceylon cinnamon* (Cynnamomum zeylanicum blume), turmeric* (Curcuma longa), spirulina* (Spirulina platensis), aloe vera* (Aloe barbadensis), springaline*, bilberry*(Vaccinium myrtillus), glycerine*, sun ower lecithin*, olive oil*, linseed oil*.
*Ingredients produced by Organic Farming.
100% of agricultural raw materials are organically farmed.
Analytical constituents: moisture 97%, crude proteins 1,3%, crude ash 1%, crude bre < 1%, crude fat 0,5%, sodium < 1%.


Shake before use. Pour over your dog’s food. Dogs weighing < 10 kg: 10 mL per day; dogs weighing 10 - 20 kg: 20 mL per day; dogs weighing > 20 kg: 30 mL per day. Use for at
least 15 days is recommended.

Precautions of use

Use the measuring cup to dispense the correct amount. Always provide access to fresh, clean water. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Store in the refrigerator after opening. Use within 2 weeks after opening. Not for human consumption. This is not a drug product. If your dog is already on medication, if in doubt, please ask your veterinary surgeon for advice. The cloudy appearance and possible presence of sediment in the solution are due to the concentrated plant extracts.