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Outdoor Gel Repellent

For Dogs/Cats

640 g bottle

Ref 170323 - Gencod : 3283021703236

  • Outdoor Gel Repellent

The + products

  • Strong odor
  • Inconvenient for dogs and cats
  • Active for several weeks

Made in Europe


FRANCODEX GEL OUTDOOR REPELLENT is effective in all weather conditions. It gradually releases a strong odour that bothers dogs and cats.
Active for several weeks, it will repel animals from newly treated areas and from places they used to visit and places they used to soil.
It can be used on concrete, paving stones, soil and around flowerbeds and lawns. One 640g bottle treats up to 71m².


1.66% (m/m) Méthylnonylcétone (Undécan-2-one, CAS N°112-12-9).


First, remove the dirt from the areas to be protected. Remove the cover before the first use. Disperse the gel on the ground, avoiding direct contact with grass, flowers or leaves as discolouration may occur. To minimise this phenomenon, spread very lightly on lawns. For prevention, one application may be sufficient. For areas that are already soiled, it is necessary to reapply after 2 to 3 days. Do not use near ponds and ponds. Protect from heat and frost.

Precautions of use

For use as a vertebrate repellent only. Do not use near food or water to avoid contamination. Keep product and bottle in a safe place. FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. OBSERVE THE PRECAUTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USE. WASH YOUR HANDS after use. Keep in its original packaging. Close the bottle tightly after use. Keep out of reach of children.