REPULS'OFF Outdoor Gel Repellent

For Dogs/Cats

640 g bottle

Ref 170438 - Gencod : 3283021704387

  • REPULS'OFF Outdoor Gel Repellent
  • REPULS'OFF Outdoor Gel Repellent
  • REPULS'OFF Outdoor Gel Repellent

The + products

  • Strong odor
  • Inconvenient for dogs and cats
  • Active for several weeks

Made in France


RÉPULS’OFF GEL is a repellent product which is off-putting to cats and dogs, without any risk to their health or wellbeing. They will demarcate their territory elsewhere than in the treated area. The product is effective as soon as it is applied and for several weeks.


Acetic acid (CAS n°64-19-7) 0.85% m/m, mint oil (CAS n°8006-90-4) 0.832% m/m, lavender oil (CAS n°8000-28-0) 0.85% m/m, geraniol (CAS n° 106-24-1) 0.01% m/m


External use. Apply the gel to the area to be protected, on all non-fragile external surfaces (on concrete, paving, swimming pool borders, etc.), in all weather. Use approximately 10 g per m2 (one 640-g bottle can treat approximately 70 m2). The green colour is clearly perceptible, even when dry. Repeat after a few weeks in case of further damage. Before applying to a fragile surface, test on a concealed section a few hours before applying. Do not apply to plants (staining). Do not use near water courses.

Precautions of use

For use as a vertebrate repellent only. Do not use near food or water to avoid contamination. Keep product and bottle in a safe place. FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. OBSERVE THE PRECAUTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USE. WASH YOUR HANDS after use. Keep in its original packaging. Close the bottle tightly after use. Keep out of reach of children.