Parasinet Tablets

For Cats/ Dogs

Insecticide-free solutions for targeting parasites

45 tablets box

Ref 170399 - Gencod : 3283021703991

  • Parasinet Tablets
  • Parasinet Tablets

The + products

  • Repellent smell for parasites (garlic, hops)
  • Supports the skin barrier (brewer's yeast, zinc)
  • Pratical: available in powder or tablet form

Made in France


The tablets Parasinet Francodex contain vitamin B, brewer’s yeast, zinc sulphate and garlic powder which will allow your animal to produce a repellent smell keeping fleas, ticks and sandflies away, and to help maintain its coat shiny. They will also help to reduce the bad smell of your animal.


Brewer’s yeast, calcium phosphate, garlic powder, hop powder, rice bran, calcium carbonate.
Additives (/kg): flavouring, trace elements: zinc sulfate 1208mg, vitamins: B1 290mg - B3 406mg – B2 195mg, amino acids: DL-methionine 5000mg.
Analytical constituents: crude proteins 37,6%, crude ash 13,2%, moisture 5,3%, crude fat 5,0%, phosphorus 2,7%, calcium 2,4%, crude fibre 0,5%, sodium 0,3%.


These palatable tablets can be administered directly into the mouth of the pet or crushed and added to food.

Precautions of use

do not give to puppies and kittens less than 3 months. Always leave clean, fresh water available for your pet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from light. Close the container after use.