Powder Toothpaste

For Cats and Dogs

70-g tub

Ref 170197 - Gencod : 3283021701973

  • Powder Toothpaste

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  • Contains a mix of brown algae, sodium bicarbonate and fructo-oligosaccharids to help control dental plaque formation

Made in France


The gradual formation of dental plaque causes tartar to build up on the teeth, bad breath as well as gingivitis that can be painful. Francodex Powder Toothpaste contains a mix of brown algae, sodium bicarbonate and fructo-oligosaccharids, to help control dental plaque formation and effectively combat bad breath in your dog or cat. Il is essential to ensure regular dental health care for your dog's teeth from a very young age in oder to prevent tartar from forming and reduce dental problems.


Powdered rockweed (60%), sodium bicarbonate (25%), fructo-oligosaccharids (10%).
Additives (/kg): favouring: liver flavouring.
Analytical constituents: crude proteins 7%, crude ash 37,7%, crude fat 0,5%, crude fibre 5,8%, calcium 1,3%, phosphorus 0,15%, sodium 8%, iodine 0,25%.


Use the measuring spoon and sprinkle over food.

Feeding Recommandations:

- Cats and Dogs < 10 kg: 2 measuring spoons daily;
- Dogs 10 -25 kg: 3 to 5 measuring spoons daily;
- Dogs > 25 kg: 5 measuring spoons daily.

Give once a day.