Refill for Anti-Stress diffuser

For Cats

48-ml bottle

Ref 170336 - Gencod : 3283021703366

  • Refill for Anti-Stress diffuser
  • Refill for Anti-Stress diffuser
  • Refill for Anti-Stress diffuser

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  • Efficient 6 weeks

Made in France


Cats naturally produce soothing pheromones, which allow them to calm themselves in various situations. The Francodex Anti-Stress Diffuser contains synthetic versions of these pheromones, creating an environment where your cat will feel safe. It is especially recommended for use in the event of inappropriate behaviour (urinary marking, excessive scratching) caused by stressful situations, such as moving, changing environments, the arrival of a new animal, the birth of a child, exposure to loud noises or social events. The ANTI-STRESS DIFFUSER is effective for 6 weeks.


Analogues of the F3 portion of cat facial pheromones 3.33%, excipient Q.S.P. 100%.


Consult the manual.