Silk Protein Conditioner and Detangler

For Dogs

300 ml spray

Ref 175136 - Gencod : 3283021751367

  • Silk Protein Conditioner and Detangler

The + products

  • Strengthens the hair and stops it from drying out
  • Soft coat
  • Facilitates detangling

Made in France


Francodex Spray Conditioner & Detangler contains Silk protein of natural origin an ingredient that moisturises, forti es and coats, avoiding dryness and making fur soft to touch. It also contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant, that delays the ageing process caused by oxidation. Francodex Spray Conditioner & Detangler is formulated to help retain moisture and avoid dryness: Therefore your dog’s fur is moisturised, smoother and soft again. Detangling is easier. The lightly scented spray deodorises fur and provides a clean sensation.


Do not spray near powered electric devices. Use only when devices are powered off. Wait 5 min after application before powering on devices. Shake spray before use. Hold 20 cm from fur and spray evenly. Wait a few moments and brush fur. Do not apply product to irritated skin. Protect dog’s nose and eyes.