Tear Stain Removal Wipes

For Cats and Dogs

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  • Tear Stain Removal Wipes

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  • Help eliminate tear stains
  • Respect both skin and fur
  • Soft cleansing formula, without whitening agents


Dogs and cats with light coloured fur often have unsightly stains under their eyes. Thanks to a formula that respects both the skin and fur, Francodex Tear Removal Wipes are a handy solution to help eliminate tear stains and remove foreign matter and secretions from the eye contour. They can also be used on the nose.


Purified water, disodium cocamphoacetate, ethanol, glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, propylparaben sodium salt, methylparaben sodium salt, sorbic acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide.


Use only on the eye contour and fur. Avoid contact between the wipe and the inner eye nose and mouth and their mucous membranes. Regular use is recommended for slight tear stains. In case of persistent dark stains, use daily to lighten stains and avoid change in fur colour.