Dental Hygiene Treats

For Puppies / Small Dogs

75 g bag

Ref 170242 - Gencod : 3283021702420

  • Dental Hygiene Treats
  • Dental Hygiene Treats
  • Dental Hygiene Treats

The + products

  • Abrasive action : Cleans the teeth
  • Vitamin C: supports gum health
  • Fresh breath : Parsley and Peppermint


The gradual formation of dental plaque causes tartar deposits on the teeth, bad breath and gum inflammation, which can be painful. FRANCODEX DENTAL DOG TREATS remove food debris and limit the accumulation of tartar, due to the abrasive action of their cereal coating. They contain parsley seed and peppermint oil, to combat in dog’s bad breath. Lastly, vitamin C helps maintain healthy gums. Regular dental hygiene is important of the dog, from the earliest stages of life, to prevent the development of tartar and limit dental problems


Cereals, oils and fats (omega 3 fatty acids: 1,2 %, omega 6 fatty acids: 3,2 %), by-products of plant origin, meat and animal by-products (duck 4 %), mineral substances.
Additives (/kg): Technological additives: antioxidant of natural origin – Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 2000 IU (3a672a), vitamin D3 300 IU (3a671), vitamin E (RRR alpha tocopherol: 3a700) 113 mg, vitamin C 280 mg (3a300) – Sensory additives: flavouring, colouring, rosemary extract, parsley seed oil 50 mg, peppermint 300 mg.
Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 11,5 %, crude fat 25,3 %, crude ash 4,1 %, crude fibre 0,7 %, moisture 7,4%. Energy intake (Metabolisable Energy): 4338 kcal/kg, i.e 3,5 kcal per treat.


In puppies from the age of 4 weeks. Puppy and dog < 5 kg: 2 treats per day; Dog 5-10 kg: 3 treats per day.

Precautions of use

Keep fresh water readily available. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Not for human consumption.