Detangling Spray with Jojoba oil

For Dogs

250 ml spray

Ref 172461 - Gencod : 3283021724613

  • Detangling Spray with Jojoba oil

The + products

  • Prevents tangles formation
  • Smoothens and protects the hair
  • With vitamin E

Made in France


The DETANGLING SPRAY WITH JOJOBA OIL FRANCODEX facilitates detangling and brushing of long hair. It prevents knots from forming and coats the hair for better hold. The spray leaves a pleasant scent on dog’s coat. Vitamin E acetate is an emolient that softens the skin.


Shake before use. Spray on hair tangles and even on matted hair. Spread the product with your fingers. Wait a few moments and begin detangling with your fingers. Once you have opened the knot, it can be detangled with a comb.

Precautions of use

Do not apply on irritated skin. Protect the dog’s nose and eyes.