Environmental Pest Control Spray


150 ml spray

Ref 174043 - Gencod : 3283021740439

  • Seribombe

The + products

  • Against fleas
  • Against ticks


FRANCODEX ENVIRONMENTAL SPRAY contains tetramethrin, a powerful insecticide and acaricide with rapid action on fleas, lice and ticks.


Tetramethrin (CAS N°7696- 12-0) 0,94 g/kg, ether de (butoxy-2 ethoxy) -2 ethyle et propyle-6 piperonyle (CAS N° 51- 03-6) 4,79 g/kg.


Before use, remove the animals, clean and empty the cage (litter, perches, nest boxes, feeders and drinkers ...).
Spray the product in the cage by short pressures, without prolonged pulverization. Let it work for 3 minutes while airing the room. Repeat at 10-day intervals.