Fooding Syringes

For Birds/Rodents

1 x 1 ml /1 x 2,5 ml syringes

Ref 174100 - Gencod : 3283021741009

  • Fooding Syringes

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  • 2 sizes available in order to adapt to the size of the animal or food to administrate.
  • Suitable for small pets

Made in France


FRANCODEX FEEDING SYRINGES help make it easier to feed your pet (breeding mash, convalescence food) or to give vitamins (vitamin C for guinea pigs, for example).
Two syringe sizes (1 ml or 2,5 ml) adapt to the size of the pet or food to be given.


Pick up the desired quantity of food with the syringe.
For rodents: put the tip of the syringe in your pet’s mouth, at the corner of the mouth.
For birds: slightly open the beak to put the tip of the syringe in the mouth. Slowly and gently give food or liquid.

Precautions of use

We recommend replacing the syringes if they have been used during an infectious period, if the tip is damaged or if the graduated marks are erased. Do not insert the syringe in the mouth, only the tip.