Gal O Pat

For Poultry

500 g powder dispenser

Ref 174214 - Gencod : 3283021742143

  • Gal O Pat

The + products

  • Scaly leg mites
  • Contains cade oil which has a mite-repellent odour
  • Practical to use: mix with bedding

Made in France


Mites penetrate and multiply under scales on the feet of poultry, causing discomfort. Scales are raised and lesions appear: this is what is called scabies. Gal O Pat Francodex contains juniper oil (1%), that gives the litter a fragrance that is unpleasant to mites and helps promote well-being for your poultry.


Juniper tar (cade oil) 1%, mineral support.


Mix with litter by sprinkling 25 g of GAL O PAT per m² of surface. The contents of one container are enough for 20 m² of surface. Ready for use.

Precautions of use

GAL O PAT is a product of plant origin whose use is Harmless for humans, animals and plants. The initially strong smell of GAL O PAT fades very quickly.