Gut Health Syringe

For Cats/ Dogs

15 ml syringe

Ref 175414 - Gencod : 3283021754146

  • Gut Health Syringe
  • Gut Health Syringe
  • Gut Health Syringe

The + products

  • Rich in Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Acts against loose stools and bloating
  • Promotes a good digestive balance

Made in France


Cats and dogs can be prone to transient digestive disorders which can cause discomfort, such as diarrhoea or bloating. FRANCODEX GUT HEALTH is supplied as a ready-to-use syringe containing an appetising yeast-based paste. Prebiotics and probiotics support a good gastrointestinal balance, which can be disrupted by stress, dietary changes or antibiotic treatment, for example. Clay (bentonite) is present as a binding agent.


Sunflower oil, peanut oil, yeast 6,5%, fructo-oligo-saccharides.
Additives (/kg): technological additives: bentonite 405000mg, BHA 1971mg, zootechnical additive: enterococcus faecium-NCIMB 10415 2.4*1011CFU.
Analytical constituents: crude protein 3,38%, crude fat 47%, crude cellulose 0,1%, crude ash 35,3%


Remove the cap from the tip of the syringe. Rotate the adjustment ring on the plunger to dispense only the required dose (1 notch = 1 mL).
Administer the paste by inserting the syringe directly into your pet’s mouth, or by mixing the paste with a small amount of food. Cats or dogs < 10 kg: 2 mL morning and evening; 10 - 25 kg: 4 mL morning and evening; 25 - 40 kg: 6 mL morning and evening; > 40 kg: 8 mL morning and evening, for 2 or 3 days.
Suitable for puppies and kittens after weaning.

Precautions of use

Not for prolonged use without veterinary advice. Always allow constant access to water. Store at room temperature.