For Birds

10g box

Ref 174042 - Gencod : 3283021740422

  • Intestinet
  • Intestinet
  • Intestinet

The + products

  • Practicality of use (dosing spoon)
  • Beta glucans and mannan oligosaccharides: stimulate bacterial flora and prevent the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria
  • Ideal for periods of dietary transition or convalescence

Made in France


Birds are subject to disturbances of the intestinal flora due to stress and/or changes in environment and diet. INTESTINET FRANCODEX, containing mannanoligosaccharides and ß-glucans (products derived from yeast), helps to maintain the digestive balance of birds.


Lactose, colostrum, dead yeast cell walls.


Mix the powder with drinking water until completely dissolved.
For maintenance; 1 scoop per 250ml of drink, 3 times a week.
In periods of intestinal imbalance: 1 scoop per 250ml of drink every day for 10 days.

Precautions of use

It is advisable to change the drinking water every day.