Spécial Foie (Liver Health)

For Birds

15 ml bottle

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  • Spécial Foie (Liver Health)
  • Spécial Foie (Liver Health)
  • Spécial Foie (Liver Health)

The + products

  • Protects the liver when feeding high-fat diets
  • Rich in choline: to limit liver overload

Made in France


The diet of cage and aviary birds is often unbalanced because it is too rich in seeds, particularly oilseeds. This nutritional imbalance can lead to fat accumulation in the liver and deficiencies (fatigue, dull plumage, reproductive problems, etc.).
SPECIAL LIVERS FRANCODEX is a source of choline, which helps to limit the accumulation of fat in the liver, and provides trace elements (copper, zinc, manganese) to maintain an optimal nutritional balance in cage and aviary birds.


Sorbitol, calcium chloride. Additives (/kg) : vitamins : choline (s/f hydrochloride) 308 000 mg, betaine (s/f hydrochloride) 27 000 mg, trace elements : copper (s/f cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 5.2mg, zinc (s/f zinc chloride) 96mg, manganese (s/f manganous chloride tetrahydrate) 833mg, technological additive : ... , preservatives : .... One 20 drop measure provides 5.2µg of copper.


Shake before use. Dilute 20 drops of SPECIAL LIVER in 45 ml of drinking water (= 3 tablespoons). In maintenance: administer two days a week, regularly. During convalescence: administer every day until improvement.

Precautions of use

Make fresh water available at will. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Not for human consumption.