Vitamin C

For Guinea pigs

500 ml bottle

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  • Vitamin C

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  • Liquid form
  • Can be administered directly in the mouth or mixed with drinking water
  • Vitamin C content guaranteed

Made in France


Guinea pigs cannot synthesize vitamin C, however it is essential for their health: first signs of a vitamin C deficiency can be severe tiredness, difficulty in moving, diminished appetite, followed by more serious symptoms if it lasts. A healthy guinea pig requires 20mg/kg daily. The need triples during sickness, convalescence, pregnancy and lactation (60mg/kg).


Purified water, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium phosphate.
Additives (/kg): vitamins: vitamin C 30000mg, flavour: benzoic acid, preservatives: sorbic acid - D,L-malic acid.


Shake the bottle before opening.
- Preventive use: using the measuring cup, add 5 ml of Vitamin C Francodex per litre of drinking water. Replace daily.
- During convalescence: triple the dose, i.e add 15 ml per 1 litre of drinking water over a period of 10 days.
- During pregnancy and lactation: triple the dose, i.e. add 15 ml per litre of drinking water during the entire period.

Precautions of use

External use. Do not swallow. Do not use directly on the animal. Do not use on leather sofas, carpets and upholstery. Before any use on textiles, test the spray on a non-visible part of the intended object. Keep out of reach of children.