Anti-Stress diffuser for cats + Refill

Anti-Stress diffuser for cats + Refill

For “Zen & Calm” cats!

Cats naturally produce soothing pheromones, which help them stay calm in different situations. Francodex Anti-Stress Diffuser contains synthetic analogues of feline facial pheromones and thus helps create a reassuring environment for your cat.

This product is particularly recommended for unwanted behaviour (spraying, excessive scratching) due to stressful situations, such as moving house, change of environment, arrival of a new pet or a new baby, exposure to loud noises or social events.

Ref. 170335


The diffuser action lasts up to 6 weeks, i.e. 1.5 times longer than most products already on the market!

Francodex Anti-Stress Diffuser and refill

Diffuser refill

Don’t throw the diffuser away! A separate refill is available to extend the life of the diffuser and keep your cat serene!


Ref. 170336

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