Complementary food

Complementary food


FRANCODEX offers a number of food supplements to help your pet stay in good health, day to day!
These are an ideal solution to help relieve joint problems, promote healthy skin and coat, boost low energy levels, or help your pet cope with stress, etc.

Gamme de compléments alimentaires



Francodex offers an all-round solution for your pet's joint health, with omega-3 capsules to be added continuously to the food ration for lasting support, and “Joint Health” tablets to be given as a treatment course during periods of discomfort.


FRANCODEX OMEGA-3 capsules are rich in EPA and DHA (devil’s claw and horsetail) sourced from fish oil.

These fatty acids help reduce inflammation and limit cartilage degradation in animals suffering from joint problems.

These capsules may be used in addition to a balanced diet, due to their omega-3 content.

DHA is essential to visual and nervous system development in puppies and kittens.

Omega-3 capsules may be co-administered with “Joint Health” tablets” for joint pain.

Each capsule contains 175 mg of omega-3, including 150 mg of EPA and DHA.



FRANCODEX JOINT HEALTH tablets contain horsetail (a source of silicon) and devil’s claw to help reduce joint inflammation, and chondroprotective agents (glucosamine 3.5% and chondroitin sulphate 15%) to support cartilage production.

The tablets have a highly appetising “liver” flavour, for easy ingestion.

The tablets may be divided, to meet the needs of small dogs and cats.


In certain situations (moulting, stress, convalescence, etc.) or at certain times of their life, you may need to supplement your dog or cat's diet. Thanks to our Vitamin, Brewer's Yeast and Salmon Oil food supplements, we can help you supplement their diet, to maintain tone, good general condition, along with a healthy coat and skin.


Rich in B vitamins and zinc, FRANCODEX BREWER'S YEAST tablets are beneficial to your pet's coat and skin.
Each tablet contains 400 mg of brewer’s yeast, i.e. 45% of product with a highly appetising liver flavour.

The tablets may be divided, to meet the needs of small dogs and cats.


When lacking energy, or in times of convalescence or fatigue, FRANCODEX VITAMIN tablets help restore your pet's tone and vitality.

The tablets contain a blend of 11 vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, with a highly appetising liver flavour, for easy ingestion.

The tablets may be divided, to meet the needs of small dogs and cats.


The essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) found in FRANCODEX SALMON OIL are essential to numerous bodily functions, and deficiency in these fatty acids could lead to a dull coat, dandruff or hair loss, for example.
Supplementing the daily food ration with salmon oil minimises the risks of deficiency, meets specific requirements where necessary, and generally makes the food ration more appetising for fussy dogs and cats.

The new airless bottle stops air from entering the container. The oil thus has optimum protection from oxidation and external contaminants, even after opening. The benefits of the oil are maintained throughout use!

Two sprays contain 500 mg of omega-3, including 250 mg of EPA and DHA.



These supplements are not medicinal products. If symptoms persist, please contact your veterinary surgeon.