Indoor cat treats

For Kittens/Cats

65 g bag

Ref 170245 - Gencod : 3283021702451

  • Indoor cat treats

The + products

  • Limits hairball formation
  • Promotes urinary wellbeing


FRANCODEX INDOOR CAT TREATS contain malt and inulin, to support intestinal transit and limit hairball formation.
Furthermore, DL-methionine and cranberry contribute to urinary wellbeing, and yucca reduces unpleasant odours.


Meat and animal derivatives, cereals (malt 8,8%), oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin (catnip 0,5%, Yucca schidigera 0,2%, inulin 0,3%), milk and milk derivatives, fruit (powdered apple, powdered cranberry 4%), mineral substances.
Additives (/kg): nutritional additives: amino acids: DL-methionine 6795 mg, L-carnitine 1750 mg, taurine 930 mg, vitamins: vitamin C 456 mg, vitamin E 79 mg, vitamin A 1400 IU, vitamin D3 210 IU - sensory additives: flavourings, colouring agent - antioxidant.
Analytical constituents: crude protein 25%, crude ash 8%, crude fat 15% (Omega-3 fatty acids: 0,9%, Omega-6 fatty acids: 1,8%), crude fibre 1,2%, moisture content.


Kittens and cats < 2,5 kg: up to 6 treats per day
Kittens and cats > 2,5 kg: up to 12 treats per day.
Not for kittens aged under 3 months.
This food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced diet.
Use within one month of opening.

Precautions of use

Keep fresh water readily available. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Not for human consumption.