Frequently asked questions


    • The formula of our vitamin C was modified slightly a few months ago, for regulatory reasons (changes in two preservatives and a flavouring). The new formula is clearly not very appetising for guinea pigs.
      We are currently doing all we can to modify the formula as quickly as possible to make it as appetising as the original formula.

      Please note that the product is not unsafe, but is simply not very appetising, which is why your guinea pig may not want to take it.

      To continue using your product, we suggest blending Vitamin C with a small amount of fruit juice to improve its flavour, until the new formula arrives. You may also return your products to the store, which will take charge of the aftersales service with us.

      You can also try Francodex Vitamin C tablets and treats to ensure your pet receives the required daily dose.

    • To ensure that your guinea pig receives the correct daily dose of Vitamin C, we advise you to use a Francodex Feeding Syringe (1-mL needleless syringe).

      For guinea pigs weighing less than 1 kg, we recommend administering approximately 0.5 mL per day, i.e. half a 1-mL syringe. You may also dilute the dose directly in your pet’s drinking bottle. In this case, we recommend adding 1 mL in 200 mL of water.

      A dose of 20 mg/kg /day (dose supplied by 0.5 mL) is sufficient for your guinea pig’s needs.