Frequently asked questions

  • Cats

    • Marking and/or accidents may be related to numerous causes in cats, and it is sometimes not simply a question of keeping them away from soiled areas, and is often more complex.
      Sudden onset of marking and/or accidents may be related to a change in your cat’s environment, stress or illness, etc.
      Scratching may be explained by insufficient activity or a lack of “scratching” areas.  
      In such cases, Repellent should be used in conjunction with other methods. For instance, you should install scratching posts or litter trays, and use catnip spray to encourage your cat to use them.
      If problems persist, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

    • With products in pipettes or collars (natural products or medications, and irrespective of the type of agent found in the product), hair loss or allergic skin reactions may occur at the application site.

      If your pet starts to scratch, you can clean the area with a flannel and a little soapy water. If symptoms persist, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

    • Anti-parasite treatment with a collar or pipette must be combined with environmental anti-parasite treatment while treating other pets.

      If this is not the case, simply using a collar or pipette may not be enough to eradicate infestation.

      If you still see fleas despite treating your pets and the home environment, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.