Frequently asked questions

  • Dogs

    • We are unfortunately unable to package scored tablets. For animals weighing less than 5 kg, we advise opting for Anti-Stress Oral Solution (Ref. 170395), to be distributed with the feed or directly into your pet’s mouth.

    • First of all, you need to thoroughly clean the area your dog is marking, to remove all residual traces of urine.
      You then need to find out the reasons for marking: territory, females in heat in your dog’s adjacent surroundings, or other dogs marking their territory, etc.
      Lastly, you need to encourage your pet to mark his territory in another area (bush, tree, etc.).

      There are no repellent products which are 100% effective on this longstanding and deep-rooted behaviour; hence, it is important to also use positive reinforcement behavioural methods.

    • Marking and/or accidents may be related to numerous causes in dogs, and it is sometimes not simply a question of keeping them away from soiled areas, and is often more complex. For example, large puddles can be explained by difficulty holding on or by illness rather than a marking issue.
      In this case, Indoor Repellent should be used in conjunction with other methods.
      Lastly, if problems persist, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

    • Francodex Salmon Oil contains 4.6% EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 5.2% DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), for 18.1% omega-3 (and 12.5% omega-6) in total.

      The airless bottle system used for Francodex Salmon Oil ensures the oil is adequately preserved. Without this system, the essential fatty acids would be rapidly oxidised by the air (which is the case when pump bottles and standard bottles are used for the first time). 

      Hence, fatty acids are preserved more effectively in an airless bottle, which guarantees the content stated on the label, throughout the duration of use.

    • Anti-parasite treatment with a collar or pipette must be combined with environmental anti-parasite treatment while treating other pets.

      If this is not the case, simply using a collar or pipette may not be enough to eradicate infestation.

      If you still see fleas despite treating your pets and the home environment, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

    • With products in pipettes or collars (natural products or medications, and irrespective of the type of agent found in the product), hair loss or allergic skin reactions may occur at the application site.

      If your pet starts to scratch, you can clean the area with a flannel and a little soapy water. If symptoms persist, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

    • We do not sell directly to consumers and do not distribute samples, but you can find our products in small format at Laboratoires Francodex resellers.